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Armani Exults Timeless Utility of Le Sac 11 in a Film

The campaign places Armani’s Le Sac 11 handbag as the central focus, using it in a three-part video narrative and a second, separate short film boasting the purse’s construction, design and utility. Both Le Sac 11 video efforts were produced in partnership with media companies, a growing trend that has given rise to promoted content that does not overtly read as an advertisement.

Breathing life into an object
The Le Sac 11, available in three sizes and a range of color options, was designed to celebrate Armani’s 40th anniversary, which was celebrated throughout 2015 (see story). On the product page for the Le Sac 11, the handbag is described as being “elegant by nature, understated by design” and “the pride of Italian craftsmanship and a style that transcends trends.”

armani.le sac 11

Below the product details, Armani includes the three-part “11 Hours in Milan” video series. Presented by The Figaro Group’s Les Ateliers Media and Madame Figaro, Armani scripts a narrative of a journalist on her way to interview a man.

In the first film section, titled “The Rendez-Vous,” begins with a plane landing at Milan’s airport, and a woman in professional dress exiting the terminal with her Le Sac 11 in hand. She tries to hail a cab, but fails and seeing the time, she boards a trolley to get to her appointment sooner.

The following scene shows the journalist in a restaurant, killing time over espresso as she reads a notecard that says, “See you at 3 p.m. at the Pirelli Tower. Be on time.” After taking a second to reflect on the card’s message the screen fades to black and “to be continued…” appears on the screen before the credits roll.

Part two, “The Interview,” begins with the journalist entering a futurist building, walking through a corridor to meet the man she is meant to interview. When she turns around after looking out at the Milanese skyline from the Pirelli Tower, the interviewee is standing across from her.

They approach one another and exchange pleasantries before she takes out a small recording device and they begin to talk. The subject of the conversation is not shared with the viewer, but the chemistry between the pair becomes apparent as clips of romantic interactions at a hotel are juxtaposed with the interview.

The second part concludes with the pair walking at night through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, nearly brushing hands as they stroll before the screen fades to black and reads “to be continued…”

As of press time, the third segment has yet to be released, but the preview still on Armani’s Web site shows the pair entering a car with the journalist’s red Le Sac 11 on the seat, the same handbag shown during The Interview.

Armani’s second narrative dedicated to the Le Sac 11 handbag is found below 11 Hours in Milan. This untitled video, presented by Conde Nast Italia, begins with a woman in a white suit and matching Le Sac 11 as she sits in a vintage automobile before opening the door and stepping out.

After walking through a field, the woman comes to the gates of an estate and walks up the drive to the front door. Once inside her outfit changes to all black, but her Le Sac 11 remains white.

armani.conde le sac 11 vid

The narrative continues as she visits a horse and walks through the estate’s many rooms and garden. As the scene changes so does the woman’s outfit, showing a passing of time, but her Le Sac 11 is consistent, underscoring the handbag’s utility.

At the end of the video the woman is shown in her white suit uncovering the estate’s furniture and opening the window to allow fresh air to flow inside. The end scene presents a flashback feeling, furthering the video’s purpose of exuding timelessness.

Armani’s final video found on the Le Sac 11 product Web page concentrates on the brand’s construction rather than lifestyle appeal. The viewer watches as an Armani craftsman constructs a Le Sac 11 handbag, finalizing the details with the G.A. initials.